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Accessible parking

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Accessible walking paths

Accessible toilet facilities

Accessible gastronomic offer

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Tulipani cvetijo
Vir: Zavod Brez ovir.

Cultural and natural monument

Volčji Potok Arboretum is one of the most important architectural heritage gardens in Slovenia. In 1999, it was declared a cultural monument of national importance by the decree of the Republic of Slovenia. Due to its cultural, historical, architectural and landscape features, the park holds special importance for Slovenia.

The area of former castle complex preserved the park’s design, which combines preserved castle elements into a recognizable unit, various species of plants arranged thematically, water motifs, natural landscape and panoramic views of the surrounding area (Homec hill with a church on top, Kamnik Alps). Due to large variety of plant material collected in the park, the arboretum also bears significance for its biotic and genetic material.

Even during the Souvan family period, the arboretum hosted 187 species of trees and shrubs. Since then, the number has increased significantly to an estimated 3,500 taxa of trees, which makes the arboretum’s collection one of the richest of its kind in Central Europe.

The extensive park offers a variety of things to see: from lakes with large fish, to permanent outdoor exhibition of dinosaurs, whales and dolphins replicas. Benches ideal for short break in quiet and green environment are placed along the paths.

Accessible parking There is one marked accessible parking space in front of the arboretum’s entrance.
Accessible entrance An asphalt road leads to the entrance. The surrounding is partly paved with appropriate plates. After the renovation the cash register became more accessible, but the staff can help you in case of problems. The cash register also has separate doors for different wheelchairs.
Accessible paths Upon entering the arboretum, the asphalt paths are replaced by the macadam ones. Some paths are well paved, others are less so. Therefore, persons using hand-powered wheelchairs might face difficulties. We advise having an escort in the arboretum, especially if you plan to see higher areas of the park.
Accessible sanitary facilities A general wheelchair toilet is located at the beginning of the complex, on the left side of the cash-register and shop. There is also a changing room for families. Another toilet for disabled people is located next to the arboretum’s administrative building, in the middle of the park tour. The entrance there is adjusted with the use of a ramp.
Accessible café or restaurant The snack bar in front of the arboretum is accessible through a ramp. Within the park you’ll find several smaller restaurants, which are generally accessible – the café next to the administrative building is easily accessible, while the one higher one, which is marked, is accessible only with the help of a strong escort. Part of the specific offer is seasonally to some extent limited (ice cream spot next to the playground).
Additional accessible offer Various temporary exhibitions are found next to the administrative building in the middle of the park, close to additional toilets. They usually take place on the ground floor and are fully accessible. The arboretum has two shops – the smaller one sells mostly souvenirs, while the other is a garden centre with a florist. While the florist is narrow in some parts, other parts of the centre are fully accessible. The park also hosts playground equipment for children and organizes events throughout the year.


Kako do nas


Interesting and dynamic accompanying programme

Throughout the year Volčji Potok Arboretum offers a selection of additional entertainment. The children will most likely prefer permanent exhibitions of whales and dinosaurs, which are installed across the meadow. The replicas are full-scale, making them well visible from well-kept paths.

Whales and dolphins are part of Giants of the Sea Depths exhibition. They are manually painted and very authentic looking. The youngest ones will surely love the whale, which welcomes brave explorers through into his mouth to whether the showers, or to admire the vast dimensions of the whale’s ventral pleats.

The Dinosaurs exhibition is located near the labyrinth and playgrounds. These prehistoric giants are displayed in their natural sizes. 13 dinosaurs are better preserved than whales, they look very natural due to the paintings, and some of them even move and make sounds. That’s something that will definitely remain in children’s imagination.

In general, every year during the hottest months one of the buildings in the central part of the arboretum prepares an exhibition of tropical butterflies. The area is adequately wide, but also hot and humid. Although we recommend only a short visit, the exhibition is definitely a special one, as you’ll find yourself among many fragile wings of various colours flying around you. Furthermore, at the end of the year the park is dressed in lanterns decorating 15 hectares of land. Definitely worth a night walk.

The park also hosts a permanent exhibition of sculptor Janez Boljka, which is located in the upper part of the park. Unfortunately, it is less accessible and open only on weekends during warmer months of the year.

You’ll definitely be interested in the visible and partly preserved historical part of the park, which is involved in long and vivid events. Remains of a medieval castle can be seen on the hill, and below it stood the manor which was destroyed in World War II. The staff however included it in its former ambience by making a façade scenery. Today, many events take place in front of it.

Movie nights also take place, whereby you can watch the Arboretum as it looked in 1956, when several scenes from the movie the Valley of Peace (Dolina miru) were shot.

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