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Apartments in the flourishing area below Podčetrtek castle.

The name derives from the Garden of Eden, composed of multi-coloured hortensias that have always adorned the hillside below Podčetrtek castle. The garden was maintained and improved with the idyllic image of eco-apartments.

Within the framework of the entire Ortenia eco-estate concept, with 6 studios and several common rooms that enrich your stay, they would like to connect you with nature while you enjoy the perfect comfort of our accommodation. They create this effect with a whole range of sustainable elements that adorn the interior of the apartments, such as clay plaster, stone, solid wood furniture, decorative and functional eco-accessories, accessories from nature and the transparency of the outer walls through which the natural environment is projected into the rooms. The visit to Ortenia Apartments is therefore unique for everyone, since you are staying in nature and you are a part of nature.

Apartments are not wheelchair accessible. However, 6 luxurious and spacious apartments offer the guest a lot of space.

Accessible parking People with disability can park next to the apartments.
Accessible entrance Reception is fully accessible. However, rooms are not accessible via regular entrance (stairs), so you’ll need to take the path around the apartments. You’ll need an escort as the path is steep and runs through a small meadow to the back entrance of the apartments.
Accessible room A small step (balcony door) leads to the apartment. The rooms are not adapted, but they are very spacious.
Accessible bathroom Bathrooms are not adapted. The toilet is located right next to the glass partition, making it impossible to transfer from the wheelchair to the toilet. There is a large shower without steps, but adapted shower chair is lacking.
Accessible café or restaurant Both the kitchen and the living room are located in the same area, which provides enough space for wheelchair movement.
Additional accessible offer Wellness, fitness, massage room and common areas are found in the lower general part, which is fully wheelchair accessible.


Kako do nas


Pamper your body and soul

The uniquely and luxuriously designed suites are supplemented by a common Wellness area, where you can indulge yourself in the sauna, and in the outdoor jacuzzi, surrounded by greenery, with a magnificent view of the mighty castle. Carefully selected ecological materials from the surrounding area provide additional comfort.

Complete relaxation of body and mind in a pleasant environment, with Finnish and infrared saunas. The relaxation area takes care of your comfort, with an unforgettable view of the beautiful nature, and regeneration with a carefully selected blend of homemade tea. Selected ecological materials provide additional comfort.

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