Ormož Castle - Brez ovir


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A rare castle with an elevator

The Ormož Castle is located on the south-eastern part of the Bronze Age settlement protected by earth embankment and a defensive ditch. The ditch follows the castle complex along its entire eastern side and at the end of the suburb winds towards former city gate. In the late 13th century, the lords of Ptuj erected the castle building complex. It remained in their possession until 1438, then the family died out. After that, the ownership of the castle fell first to the Szekelys, then Turks, the Pethe family, Jožef Pauer, and finally to Wurmbrandt counts.

The castle has one of the permanent collections of the Regional Museum Ptuj Ormož, and one of the few ones that have an elevator, allowing people with disabilities access to upper floors.

Accessible parking There is a large (paved) parking lot in front of the entrance. Several parking spaces are reserved for the disabled.
Accessible entrance The main entrance is fully accessible, as it is level. Upper floors are accessible via the elevator.
Accessible sanitary facilities There are no adapted sanitary facilities. There is an adapted toilet in the adjacent (castle’s manor house) building.
Additional accessible offer Permanent and temporary exhibitions, castle park with tree-lined alley, castle’s manor house.


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