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Wheelchair and family friendly farm

Lešnik Eco Tourist Farm is located 5 km from Slovenj Gradec, 6 km from the sports airport, 3 km from the horse-riding club and 8 km from Kope ski centre. The farm boasts a rich natural and cultural heritage: protected linden and thistle, a shingle covered poplar hayrack, a wooden hut, a granary with a crusher and a mill, a chapel, two wells, an ethnological collection, a herbal and honey garden with a small room for apitherapy in a completely renovated apiary. The main feature of the farm is the preservation of old traditions, farm games, folk songs and customs.

The accommodation includes apartment for 4+2 persons, 1 room for 4, 1 room for 3, 3 rooms for 2. They also rent out a common room for 25 people on the hayrack. A new facility with modern rooms is adapted for wheelchair users. It includes separate rooms for relaxation and Finnish, infra and herbal sauna. Wheelchair-friendly room is called Oreh and is located in the new house.

The farm is characterized by good ecological and home-made food, with an emphasis on local cuisine. The food served there is grown of the farm, with eco and bio certificates and awards.

Accessible parking The parking space is available right in front of the accommodation.
Accessible entrance The path to the building is accessible, all doors are appropriately wide, with a good door handle and contrast. Adapted accommodation is located in the Oreh room.
Accessible room Furniture is suitably arranged. The is 50 cm in height, with the 20 cm underpass in height.
Accessible toilet Doors leading to the toilets are 90 cm in width, the sink is 75 cm in height and has an underpass, the mirror is adjustable, the toilet bowl is 42 cm in height, and there is a grab bar handle. The shower is wheelchair-accessible and has a folding seat mounted on the wall, but there is no grab bar handle.
Accessible café or restaurant There is no underpass at the kitchen table. Leisure areas and the terrace are accessible. The catering area in the main house is accessible via a short removable sloping ramp. Tables don’t have an underpass. The dining room can accommodate 30 + 20 people.
Additional accessible offer Areas for leisure activities are accessible.
Accessible paths Lešnik Eco Tourist Farm is located in a quiet environment, far from the hustle and at 700 m above sea level on the slopes of the Pohorje mountains. It is a good starting point for various hikes, mountain biking, paragliding (with optional landing on the farm) and sledding and skiing.


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Tourist farm with four apples of quality award

The Lešnik Eco Farm is awarded 4 apples, a quality award for services or tourist farms. This means that they offer interesting and active vacation time, even for children without parents, most often with their teachers. They offer tours of the farm, carry out practical workshops, hold seminars and camps. The families arriving for a short vacation are offered a wide range of activities. There is a children’s playground, and sports area for table tennis and volleyball. The house hosts many toys, books and board games for children.

Indulge yourself in apitherapy (therapy including products that come from honeybees), or Finnish, herbal or infra sauna. There is a large movie screen under the hayrack that can be used to watch movies and a neat collection of tree species. Next to it you’ll find area for tents and camper vans. Internet is freely available in the house and around it. Bathrooms are also nearby.

The location is also an excellent starting point for recreational and tourist activities in the Carinthia region.

Guest reviews

“Very tasty štruklji (traditional Slovenian dish), stuffed apples and buckwheat porridge. Excellent vegetarian menu. Being able to pet the animals is a great plus. Everything is great!”
Neža from Mislinja

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