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Sustainable homestead with a wide selection.

A stone’s throw from Podčetrtek near the Terme Olimia spa, there is a hill called Olimska gora. At the foot of the hill, there is a valley and in that valley is a small town called Olimje. The Haler homestead is located in this wonderful and pleasant environment. The Helar homestead is approximately 3km away from the renowned Terme Olimia spa and 1km from the famous Olimje monastery.

The homestead offers accommodation, restaurant, brewery, small football pitch, basketball and handball field, etc. Next to the restaurant there is a small playground with equipment for children and children at heart. The playground next to the apartment house can be used to organize picnics and tournaments. The tournaments can be self-organized or left for the homestead to organize for you. Apartment guests can also use a discount for swimming pools in Terme Olimia spa.

The homestead strives towards responsible and sustainable care for the environment. A few years ago, they switched their heating system to wood biomass (chips), while during the summer the water is heated with the use of solar panels.

Accessible parking There is a marked disabled parking space in the lower end of the parking lot. Access to the apartment for the disabled can also be made with the car as you can park right in front of the entrance to the apartment.
Accessible entrance The room’s entrance is in the level of the parking lot. A small path leading to the pub (yellow house) is fully accessible. However, we still recommend having escort with you as there is a small incline.
Accessible room Homestead Haler offers one fully adapted room. The room is very spacious and is fully accessible and barrier-free. It can accommodate three persons (it is 31m2 in size, with double and extra bed), located on the ground floor and has a direct exit.
Accessible bathroom The bathroom has a bathtub with a plastic stool in it. It unfortunately in most cases does not have grip bars.
Adapted general accessible toilet is also found in the restaurant.
Accessible café or restaurant The restaurant, the pub and the restaurant’s outdoor terrace are accessible to people in wheelchairs.
Additional accessible offer The homestead has a brewery, large paved playground, picnic area, etc. Everything is fully accessible, but due to some incline we recommend having escort by your side.


Kako do nas


Homestead with private brewery

The homestead offers home-made beer, brewed in their own microbrewery. They offer award-winning pale ale and dark beer. Naturally fermented Haler beer is brewed according to old German recipe. It is natural and without added preservatives. The hops they use is grown in the Savinjska Valley, called aurora and golding hop. A tour of the brewery with beer tasting is also possible by prior arrangement.

Apart from tasty beer the restaurant offers a variety of good wines and a wide selection of dishes.

The Slovenian Minister of Health warns: Drinking alcohol can harm your health!

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