Grand Hotel Toplice - Brez ovir


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Grand Hotel Toplice z jezera.

Renowned hotel with rich history

Grand Hotel Toplice is the only hotel in Bled located on the shore of Lake Bled. It is the city’s most elegant hotel with rustic interior that tells the stories of its nearly century-old history.

In 1818, two thermal springs were discovered on the spot of today’s hotel, and they were converted into the first bath place in Bled. In 1850, a small hotel was built next to the bath. It attracted representatives of high society. In the following decades the hotel hosted many celebrities, kings, presidents, ministers, diplomats, Nobel prize laureates, scientists, artists, etc. It also organized numerous important events.

Today, the renovated hotel pampers its guests with traditional style and luxurious comfort. It is a popular venue for weddings and large celebrations. Guests can go for a swim in a private beach, visit the boathouse, and enjoy their time in the spa or a variety of wellness offer. The water temperature in the Wellness studio is a constant 22°C. There is an adapted toilet next to the studio. The access to the water is complicated due to the disinfection pool for the feet. You can use the wellness only with the help of an assistant or hotel staff. There is no specialized equipment to access the pool. Outdoor beach is inaccessible for the people with disabilities.

Accessible parking There is one disabled parking space in front of the hotel. We recommend making reservation for the parking space along with hotel reservation.
Accessible entrance Hotel entrance is fully accessible and level.
Accessible rooms The hotel offers one disabled room. The doors to the room can open both to the inside and the outside – whichever is more convenient.
Accessible bathroom The disabled room has two bathrooms, one of which is adapted with handrails and rimless shower. We also inspected standard rooms. The bathrooms there are spacious enough for wheelchair users. There are no adjustments for the disabled, but a plastic stool can be used.
Accessible café or restaurant The restaurant and other general areas in the hotel are accessible via the elevator. The café offers unsurpassed view of the Bled Island and its surroundings.


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