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Adventurous, romantic and exclusive

Garden Village Bled Resort is located 300 meters from Lake Bled. The accommodation has a complete eco-design and offers treehouses, glamping (glamorous camping) tents with hot hubs, pier tents, luxury suites, a restaurant with a stream running through, a natural biotope, etc. They also grow their own vegetable, berries and herbs.

Garden Village does not include adapted accommodation. However, it is partly accessible and spacious enough. We recommend making personal judgement about the suitability for your needs and wishes.

The most suitable accommodation for the disabled is glamorous or glamping tents. A clearing in the middle of a nicely maintained garden with a comfortable, air-conditioned and well-equipped tent offers privacy. The luxurious stay in the tent includes a large bathroom, a double bed and a large bed on the gallery. The tent is also equipped with a sofa, dining table, small refrigerator, television and outdoor wooden sink with running water. It is suitable for four people.

Garden Village Bled also offers other types of accommodation. Treehouses are accessible only in case your assistant is strong enough to help you get up the hill. Both the bridge and the treehouse have no steps. Tents on the pier are inaccessible for the physically disabled, because of stairs. The luxury apartment has a corner spa bath. We recommend the visit, whether it is for restaurant visit or a night in the tent.

Accessible parking There are no marked disabled parking spaces. However, there are enough regular parking spaces to use. You can also use the lower macadam parking lot behind the fence.
Accessible entrance The reception is fully accessible. The path leading to the tent is steep and requires the aid of the assistant. You will also need assistance to help you overcome two small steps in front of the tent’s entrance.
Accessible room Garden Village does not offer accessible accommodation, but nevertheless it is partly accessible and spacious enough. The best accommodation for the disabled is the glamping tent. It is air-conditioned and comes with a double bed and a large bed on the gallery. It is with a sofa, a dining table, a small refrigerator, a TV and an outdoor wooden sink with running water. The accommodation is suitable for 4 people.
Accessible bathroom The bathroom is not adapted. You can enter the bathroom and the shower (by using a wooden stool), as well as use the sink and the toilet.
The general disabled toilet is found between the restaurant and public spaces, and it is accessible with the use of a ramp.
Accessible café or restaurant The restaurant is fully accessible. You will be drawn to the wonderful dining room, with the stream running through and grass growing on the table. The restaurant is open to outside guests as well. The terrace offers an amazing view of the pond. Next to the pond you’ll find an interesting public space – a perfect opportunity to warm up by the fire in the evenings.
Additional accessible offer A small shop.


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