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From the world exhibition to the gates of Prekmurje

On a once degraded, now beautifully renovated location at the entrance of the city of Murska Sobota, on the pleasant surroundings of the Lake Soboško jezero, lies the Expano pavilion. With its exceptional architectural design, the pavilion’s exterior reflects its peculiarity. The Pomurje-style pavilion interior will present you with the landscape along the river Mura, its tourist offer, tradition and natural features in an innovative and modern manner.

The pavilion has an interesting history behind it. It was created and erected for the 2015 Expo in Milan. Although it is today erected on the Prekmurje plain, it was originally designed to represent Slovenian mountain silhouette and the diversity of the country. Composed of wood and glass, the pavilion emphasizes the importance of sustainable development, as evident by the Green Key certificate and Slovenia Green Attraction sign. The interior is thematically divided into several topics: Endless Plain, Panofilm, Moving Maps, Neurospas, the Pomurje Forests, Magical Clearing, From Grain to Bread exhibition, Panoart and Panolet.

You can experience a flight over the Pomurje with the use of 3D glasses at Panolet. In general, there is no lacking of modern technological equipment. You’ll be impressed with the animated recordings from the old times, holograms and other interactive contents. Among the most popular devices is most certainly EEG (electroencephalogram), which uses the power of your thoughts to move the water column at the Neurospa station. There is no shortage of content to explore, especially once you realize that diverse offer awaits at the outdoor area as well.

Accessible parking Several marked parking spaces for the disabled are located on the large parking lot next to the pavilion.
Accessible entrance The entrance is fully accessible and level. It opens with automatic sliding doors.
Accessible toilet Adapted and accessible toilets for the disabled are found inside the building next to the cash-register. Additional general toilets for the disabled are located outside. However, apart from the size of the facility and the available ramp, the toilet is not adjusted.
Accessible café or restaurant Expano Food&Drinks restaurant is found right next to the entrance. It has a terrace overlooking the lake and it is fully accessible. Some tables in the restaurant have an underpass.
Additional accessible offer Expano is an interactive adventure park where modern technology is used for learning about the Pomurje region. There is also a regional tourist and information centre with a souvenir shop and local products, where you can find out about occasional events and sports and recreational offer related to the area. By prior arrangement, you can rent a conference hall or a picnic area by the lake.
Accessible paths Paths surrounding the pavilion are partly paved and made of macadam. Some paths have steep slopes without fences, and in some areas the macadam is overfilled.


Kako do nas


View of Tranquil Lake Surface

The pavilion is situated next to Lake Soboško jezero, which gives a pleasant ambience to the already gorgeous architecture. You can enjoy the view while trying local specialties at Exapano Food&Drink restaurant. The dishes will impress you with their taste as well as portion size, further emphasizing the Prekmurje region hospitality. The friendly staff will ensure additional pleasant experience, which only confirms the mentioned unwritten rule. In any case, the restaurant and its terrace are a great reason to extend your visit to Expano.

The surroundings of Expano offer many opportunities to spend your free time. The right side of the lake hosts many picnic areas for rent. They are equipped with a barbecue. The road to picnic areas leads past many playgrounds and climbing walls. Children will also be delighted by the swans and other animals living by the lake. If you are visiting the Prekmurje region for business purpose you can rent a conference hall on the first floor, which is accessible via a stair lift. The hall can be rented for groups of up to 50 people.

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