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Accessible parking

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Arheološki park Emona

Circular archaeological path with two archaeological parks

Emona Archaeological Park consists of two large archaeological parks Emona House Archaeological Park and Early Christian Centre Archaeological Park, as well as other Roman remains of Emona, a former city. Both sites are freely accessible. We strongly recommend visiting both parks, where you’ll find well-preserved Roman remains located in the very centre of the city, but still hidden from plain sight. Since they are less known they give new added value to the city.

The first park – Emona House Archaeological Park – is located near the neighbourhood of Mirje. There you’ll find the foundations of a Roman villa with preserved mosaic and floor heating (hypocaust heating system). At the second location – Early Christian Centre Archaeological Park – you’ll find the remains of thermal baths and an early Christian centre with beautiful octagonal baptistery (a small pool for baptising).

You can take the path on your own, wither from one of the parks, or after buying a ticket in the City Museum of Ljubljana. You’ll receive a map with a leaflet where all the remains on the circular path are marked. Parks are open during the summer season – from May to October.

The museum also offers a special, family-friendly tour guide that will introduce the remains to the children. By prior arrangement, you can take the path with a tour guide, or take part in one of the events taking place there. Regardless of your experience decision, we believe you will be thrilled to visit!

Accessible parking There are no parking spaces for the disabled. By prior arrangement with the City Museum of Ljubljana, you will be granted access through the ramp to a temporary parking place next to the entrance, which is otherwise placed on the private lot for the residents.
There are 3 parking spaces for the disabled on Erjavčeva Street located close to the Early Christian Centre. You can also use parking spaces for the disabled on the macadam public parking lot next to the City Museum of Ljubljana or the underground parking lot under the Congress Square. You can also use city’s public bus that stops near all three points of interest, or you can use Kavalir – free city centre public transport – to reach Erjavčeva Street or City Museum.
Accessible entrance You can access Emona House via a small slope and past the parking ramp in the residential area. The path is easily accessible and even. It is paved, with the first part of the archaeological park being a macadam road caught in a kind of level-height net. Shortly after it turns into even level gallery. The access to Early Christian Centre is similar – the paved street turns into a narrow macadam, which then turns into a net and a gallery. The entrance to the City Museum is without architectural obstacles.
Accessible sanitary facilities Archaeological parks have toilets for staff, but they are not adapted. You can, however, visit adapted toilets on the 2nd floor of the City Museum of Ljubljana, which are reachable via the elevator.
Accessible café or restaurant There are no catering businesses in the parks, but you will have many options outside on your way from one location to another. Part of Roman remains are found in the City Museum of Ljubljana, where a café operates. The café’s summer garden is located in the outer atrium on the museum’s ground floor and is fully accessible and without architectural barriers, with only slightly heavier sliding doors. The basement is covered by the original pavement with cobblestone (round stone pebbles), which makes the major part of the café more difficult to access.
Accessible walking paths As mentioned, this is a circular path through the archaeological remains of Roman Emona. Most of the paths, including the Roman wall in Mirje, are wheelchair accessible. You can observe the wall from both sides, but the passage through it is possible only at the initial part of it, next to the intersection with Barjanska Street and on the other side from Aškerčeva Street next to the Faculty of Pharmacy. The sidewalk at Barjanska Street turns unevenly into compacted macadam and makes a sort of threshold. In order to see all Roman remains sites, we suggest taking with you a map from the City Museum or in a park, since some remains are in the open and less noticeable. You can also count on us to help you plan the most suitable path.
Additional accessible offer The City Museum of Ljubljana, Cukrarna Gallery, Plečnik House, Župančič Memorial Collection in the City Library of Ljubljana. Various programs and events take place at the archaeological parks, and you can book a guided tour.


Kako do nas


Small museum with a lot of content

The Emona Archaeological Park is part of The Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana (MGML) with the central museum located in former Turjak Palace near Križanke. This is an important part of the medieval and modern cultural heritage of the New Square (Novi trg), and at its location you will find old, prehistoric and Roman archaeological remains.

All permanent and temporary exhibitions in the palace are accessible. The basement hosts the first part of a permanent exhibition – an archaeological presentation of the city’s history including some of the most important and interesting on-site remains found on the very site of the museum. One of them is also the Roman road which connected the river bank of Ljubljanica with one of the city gates in today’s Križanke.

On the ground floor the museum sets up temporary exhibitions, mostly billboard exhibitions, either in the inner or outer atrium. The main area for temporary exhibitions in on the 1st floor. Exhibitions continue in the 2nd floor as well, where you’ll find the second part of the permanent exhibition with a presentation of modern history of Ljubljana. The museum allows blind and visually-impaired people the use of guide dog, but they are not allowed into the interior. The blind and visually-impaired are occasionally provided with additional content, such as brochures and catalogues in large print or Braille, tactile graphics, models, multisensory guidance, etc. All visitors are offered free audio guide rental around the permanent exhibition, which is specially adapted for the blind and visually-impaired.

The museum is putting a lot of effort on accessibility, which is why by prior arrangement it conducts guided tours for various groups of people with disabilities, and completely adapts them to their wishes and abilities.

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