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Accessible entrances and passages

Accessible bathroom

Accessible gastronomic offer

Accessible walking paths

Hotel B&B hotel Ljubljana Park

Cultural Ambassador.

The B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is part of the city centre’s pulse while at the same time being part of nature as it is located in the park and pedestrian area. It is renowned for its warmth and hospitality and is considered the cultural ambassador, as it supports and organizes numerous cultural events and hosts its authors. The location and comfortable rooms make this hotel is an excellent starting point for exploring Ljubljana or for a business meeting.

The hotel is situated in a wonderful, peaceful and green environment in Ljubljana’s centre, which is especially noticeable when you sit on the terrace. You’ll never have the feeling of staying in a hotel, but rather your little green corner in the middle of the park.

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is also fully accessible and adapted for people with disabilities. The rooms are bright and modern, they had been recently renovated, just like other parts of the hotel. They ensure comfort during your stay.

Restaurant Park offers a wide range of Slovenian, Indian and international cuisine. They use fresh and natural ingredients of local origin, and they produce their own honey and homemade ice-cream.

Accessible parking There are only a few chargeable parking spaces behind the hotel. As the number of parking spaces is limited, reservations can be made only upon inquiry and based on availability. In case of occupancy, guests can park on Tabor Street or nearby garages near the hotel, which are also chargeable.
Accessible entrance The entrance is fully accessible, and the elevator takes you to your room.
Accessible room B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park offers one double room adapted for a person with disability and their companion. The toilet is adapted. The room is very spacious and offers a stunning view of the hotel’s surrounding.
Accessible bathroom The room has an adapted bathroom with grip and edgeless shower.
Accessible café or restaurant There is a restaurant on the ground floor, where everything is accessible and at a perfect height. The restaurant also has a fully accessible outdoor terrace.
Accessible walking paths The hotel is located right next to Tabor Park, with Metelkova area being only 400 meters away. Metelkova is home to alternative offer and museum platform with a variety of national museums. 350 meters in opposite direction lays the picturesque Petkovšek Embankment – the perfect starting point for exploring the market or city centre.


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Sustainably aware and their own apiary

B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park is committed to sustainable development, respect for the environment and good relations with local communities. One of their main principles they abide by is “Reduce, reuse and recycle”. The materials in the rooms are of Slovenian origin and eco-oriented.

It is precisely due to its location in the green environment and of parks and its name that the hotel represents Slovenian landscape parks. Being the Green Capital of Europe in 2016, Ljubljana paid special attention to landscape parks in its area. In addition, fresh dishes from local environment had been added to the offer, accompanied by free morning yoga under the treetops and seasonal open-air library.

The rooftop hosts special regular guests – native Carniolan bees. They found their home there in 2015, making B&B Hotel Ljubljana Park a part of Ljubljana bee route. Carniolan bees are widely renowned species, known for their diligence, resilience to various climate changes, good orientation and, most importantly, great care for plant pollination. The hotel roof is home to four bee colonies which at the height of the season can reach 270,000 bees. The hotel takes great pride in its very of urban honey. The sweet mix contains sugar, proteins, amino acids, aromatic substances and minerals. Honey is included in the hotel’s breakfasts, some desserts and ice cream.

All guests have optional electric vehicles rent and offer additional benefits to their owners. Guests arriving by train can use a high eco-discount on direct bookings.

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