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Aquapark & Wellness Bohinj

Vivid and wheelchair accessible offer

Bohinj ECO Hotel is connected to Aquapark by warm connection of an underground corridor, which provides easy access to all hotel guests. The Bohinj ECO Hotel Aquapark boasts a wide variety of offers: attractive recreational indoor pool and smaller swimming pool for children, two whirlpools, two water slides, numerous massage nozzles, music cave and cave for lovers, two climbing walls (above the water for adults and smaller one next to small swimming pool), islands, outdoor terrace for sunbathing, etc. A scenic outdoor recreational swimming pool and a swimming pool for children are open during the summer season. There are occasional animation programs taking place in the pool area.

For a more relaxing holiday the hotel offers different types of saunas, a wide selection of wellness treatments, bowling alley and cinema.

Accessible parking There is a parking place for disabled people in front of the entrance to the aquapark. In case the parking is occupied, regular parking spaces can be used as they are wide enough. The hotel also has a parking garage.
Accessible entrance
The most suitable entrance to the aquapark for people in wheelchairs is through accessible slope that leads to the main entrance. The entrance from the parking garage to the reception is accessible with the use of a ramp and an elevator that leads to the ground floor. The access to the pool is possible with the help of ramps. Unfortunately, only the outdoor pool is not accessible as there are stairs leading to it.
Accessible bathroom A general wheelchair toiled and locker room are accessible by lift (in front of the pool entrance).
Accessible café or restaurant The restaurant is located in the aquapark’s extension. Because of a small step it is accessible only with the aid of a lifeguard that is always available. Access to the terrace is not possible because of the stairs. Hotel’s restaurant is fully accessible.
Accessible pool entrance There are no lifts or any other equipment that would enable people with disability entrance to the pool. However, lifeguards will gladly help with the problem.
Additional accessible offer Massages and saunas are accessible for partly disabled people that can easily transfer from a wheelchair to the bench. The jacuzzi is not accessible because of the stairs. Bohinj ECO Hotel is accessible through the cinema in the basement. Unfortunately, the cinema is not accessible. There is also a small bowling alley, accessible with the help of a movable ramp.


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Environment and nature-friendly hotel

Located in the heart of Julian Alps and glacier valley lies high-quality eco-friendly Bohinj ECO Hotel and Wellness. The concept and construction design are characterized by sustainable development and care for nature. In addition to rich cultural and historical heritage, the hotel promotes comfortable life in harmony with nature.

Bohinj ECO Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Slovenia. It offers comfort, peace, and above all, various activities in the town of Bohinjska Bistrica. It well placed for easy (ski) bus access (which unfortunately is not wheelchair accessible) to the surrounding Lake Bohinj or funicular to Vogel ski area. The funicular is accessible and all information are found on our web site. The hotel has a reputation for excellent cuisine and plenty of activities to keep you entertained during your stay. If you’re after a hotel that offers something for everyone, while maintaining a high standard of accommodation and service, then Bohinj ECO Hotel is the right choice.

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