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Otvoritev bazenskega kompleksa Aqualatio
Otvoritev bazenskega kompleksa. Vir: SPOTUR Slovenj Gradec.

New Swimming Pool Complex in Slovenj Gradec

On July 7, 2022, a new swimming pool complex called Aqualatio was opened in Slovenj Gradec, offering swimming, fun time and healthcare activities all year long. The pool complex is fully accessible to people with disabilities. All passages are accessible in the upper inner part of the complex. The lower part, where the changing rooms and the medical area are located, is accessible via elevator. The passage to the terrace with two outdoor pools and the disinfection pool is fully accessible. The lower part of the terrace, where the children’s pool is located, is connected via the ramp.

All passages in the inner part of the complex are accessible. The indoor pool has slatted bed frames suitable for swimming lessons for the children who are just getting to learn to swim, as well as those with any physical impairments that need lower depth of water. A mobile pool lift is available for access to both indoor and outdoor pools.

Wellness and health services

The pool complex includes wellness with a zen area and four types of saunas, as well as a hot pool with effects. You can book therapeutic massages, chiropractic, physiotherapy and kinesiologist. In cooperation with Slovenj Gradec Health Centre, Aqualatio offers physiotherapy services and balneotherapy both through worksheet or self-funding.

Accessible parking If you are arriving from Kopališka Street, you’ll find a marked parking place in front of Second Elementary School Slovenj Gradec. From there you can follow the paved footpath (across the bridge) to the swimming pool complex (approximately 100m away). You can also reach the swimming complex from Hipermarket Mercator Slovenj Gradec, where you can park on marked parkin places. A 100 meters long footpath will take you from the Hipermarket to the swimming complex. There are no parking spaces directly in front of the entrance to the complex.
Accessible entrance A ramp leads to the entrance to the complex. In addition, tactile markings intended for people with visual impairment are also installed. The entrance is levelled and without stairs. The entrance into the swimming pool is wide enough even for electric wheelchair users.
Accessible bathroom The pool complex has adapted toilets next to the outdoor pool and inside the complex. The lower floor, which is accessible via the elevator, has adapted showers, toilets and changing rooms.
Accessible pool entrance A mobile pool lift is available for access to the indoor and outdoor pools. The indoor pool also has slated bed frames.
Accessible café or restaurant There is a bar next to the outdoor pool.


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Everyone will enjoy Aqualatio

Children are taken care of with great small pools and entertaining animations as well as an excellently equipped playroom.

Outdoor bar offers a variety of cold and warm refreshments, as well as snacks to quench your hunger, such as crispy fries, delicious pancakes and ice-cream on tap.

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