Special offer – Barcelona - Brez ovir


Mobilna verzija strani še ni na voljo!

Prosimo oglejte si stran na računalniku oz. večjem zaslonu.

Najprej moramo končati DESKTOP verzijo,

nato pa se lotimo izdelave prilagojenih

prikazov za mobilne naprave!

Hvala za razumevanje.

Spain is a diverse, colourful and vibrant country. Situated on the Catalonian coast, Barcelona is considered the country’s brightest pearl. The city is a charming mix of rich history, artistic splendour and modern luxury. Due to its Mediterranean appeal, the renowned Gaudi architecture, the city effortlessly intertwines the charm of the old world with dynamic modern energy and promises an unforgettable experience for every traveller. When we say every traveller, we really mean it. In fact, Barcelona ranks at the very top of Europe’s accessible destinations, making it an ideal destination for people with reduced mobility.

To make your trip as accessible and barrier-free as possible, we have designed a package offer that includes:

  • air transportation
  • 20kg check-in baggage limit
  • 4x bed and breakfast at the fully accessible Mics Sant Jordi Hotel
  • 2 entry tickets for the Sagrada Familia
  • our assistance for the entire trip organisation

To learn more about the user experience please visit our blog written by our personal asistance user and his two assistants.

Several possible dates:

  • 11.12.23-15.12.23 from 503€/person
  • 18.12.23-22.12.23 from €562/person
  • 5.2.23-9.2.23 from €486/person
  • 4.3.23-8.3.23 from €516/person

*Other departure dates and 7-day trips are also possible