Accessible coast in Portorož - Brez ovir


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Accessible parking

Accessible entrances and passages

Accessible toilet facilities

Accessible walking paths

Delno dostopna obala

Idyllic scenery in all seasons

Indulge in the pleasures of intoxicating sea air and activities right next to the Adriatic Sea. Partly accessible coast allows you to enjoy the first spring sun rays, summer’s refreshment, autumn sport feats or winter romantic walks. Despite being most crowded during the summer due to the pleasant sea temperature, the beaches in Portorož are nevertheless an idyllic backdrop for your experiences in every season.

The central beach in Portorož stretches over cca. 25.000 square meters, the surface being divided into grassy and sandy areas. It has been achieving best quality results in terms of water quality for years. The extended beach offer includes four beach volleyball courts, children’s playgrounds, water sports area, children’s amusement park on the water, numerous bars, a pastry shop, etc. The beach is therefore a place for sport, recreation, relaxation and fun.

The central beach in Portorož is the annual recipient of the “Blue Flag”, an award received by the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe for Slovenia. This is the most prestigious European symbol for quality and care for the environment and clean, safe and friendly beach.

Accessible parking Most parking spaces on the coast are next to hotels or near the parking garage. There are dedicated parking spaces next to facilities or marinas, and there is a paid macadam parking lot in Lucija. Unfortunately, due to the lack of space in Lucija, we couldn’t find any special accessible parking lots.
Accessible entrance The beach in Portorož has a ramp both for accessing the beach and entering the sea.
Accessible toilet The adapted and accessible toilet is found on the shore (public toilets).
Accessible access to water from the beach or pool The ramp for entering the sea is actually intended for boats. It is very steep, without railing, and ends in shallow water. Furthermore, the coast is lowered with a gently-sloping ramp for swimmers, which also has no railing and ends in the shallows.
Accessible paths The coast of Portorož is easily accessible and provides many options for walking in both directions.


Accessibility in a great location

An ideal place for unforgettable family vacation, the Remisens Hotel Lucija is located in close vicinity to the main promenade and beach in Portorož. The hotel is fully accessible to physically impaired. It is located close to the coast in Lucija, which is also one of the more accessible coasts.

The Remisents Hotel Lucija has fully adapted rooms for the disabled, with a fully accessible and spacious balcony. If all rooms are booked, you can book a regular room as they are also wide enough for wheelchair use. The bathroom is small and not adapted, but there is another bathroom for the disabled in the hall very close to the room.

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